Epiphany 2 Sermon 2021

The wedding at Cana was a dull affair. That’s not pessimism. I’m just emphasizing what’s true: They ran out of wine. Steakhouses always have steak. Burger joints always have burgers. And Walmart has “Low Prices. Always.” Weddings never run out of wine—so the families involved are poor or wasteful—either way, that’s a problem. Mary said […]

The Baptism of Our Lord, 2021

“What are you waiting for?” That’s the question, right? The question we ask other people. The question we ask ourselves. The self-help question of New Year’s resolutions. That’s the question John the Baptist asks in Matthew chapter eleven. And that’s the question Jesus asks today, essentially. So—what are you waiting for? Sometimes you’re just waiting […]

The Second Sunday after Christmas, 2021

Name a kingdom that existed when Jesus was born that still exists today. Name an empire that hasn’t turned to dust. The high and mighty of Jesus’ day are now nothing more than names for children to learn in school. So impressive, powerful, and wealthy were they, that we remember them with flash cards in […]

The First Sunday after Christmas, 2020

Properly speaking, the Twelve Days of Christmas begin on December 25th and go through and include January 5th. Properly speaking, the Magi at our manger scenes don’t arrive to worship the Christ child until He’s a toddler—on Epiphany, January 6th. Properly speaking, one of the most important days in the entire Church Year is completely […]

Advent 4 Sermon, 2020

Allusions are remarkable things. But—like with sarcasm—a lot can be very easily missed. An allusion expresses something without specifically calling it to mind—usually to make a comparison between something old and something new. They’re a bit like a Pandora’s Box and a Garden of Eden rolled into one. See—you have to know what a Pandora’s […]

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