Cantate (Easter 5), 2020

Here our true Paschal Lamb we see,Whom God so freely gave us;He died on the accursèd tree—So strong His love—to save us.See, His blood now marks our door;Faith points to it; death passes o’er,And Satan cannot harm us.Alleluia! God is always doing the same things. He hasn’t always done them in the same way, but […]

Jubilate (Easter 4) Sermon, 2020

How many of you have ever been called pessimistic or negative? Are you a Negative Ned and Nancy Nay-sayer? Or a Debbie or Donnie Downer? Something deep within our fallen pessimism tells us that when Jesus says, “A little while, and you will see me” (John 16:16), it’s like a doctor saying, “This will only […]

Misericordias Domini (Easter 3) Sermon, 2020

A “good father” may yet be a deadbeat dad. The mother of his children may call him good because he dangles his keys in front of a crying baby twice a month or because his checks arrive on time. This may fit our definition of “good” but not God’s. A “good man” may yet be […]

Quasimodo Geniti (Easter 2 Sermon), 2020

“For fear of the Jews” (John 20:19), the Eleven were hiding behind closed doors. Remember—He is not here, He is risen. He’s going before them, and they’ll go and see Him. But now, they’re hiding. Afraid. How quickly do we forget the Word and promise of God when we perceive a threat to our life. […]

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